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Taiwan-related Web Sites


tc.gif (2560 bytes) Taiwan Communiqué
Taiwan Communiqué is a bi-monthly journal founded in 1980 focusing on political developments in Taiwan. Related Site: New Taiwan, Ilha Formosa.


tsi.gif (10097 bytes) Taiwan Studies Institute
TSI is a privately funded, nonpartisan research organization based in Taipei. It is an extension of the Makoto Foundation, a nonpartisan think tank founded in 1995.


dsis_logo.gif (4903 bytes) Taiwan Research Institute, Division of Strategic and International Studies
TRI's Division of Strategic and International Studies was founded in July 1998 to carry out research on the security strategies of Taiwan, foreign affairs; to submit reports and suggestions as reference in government policy-making; and to be one of the important think tanks in the field.


tier.gif (1825 bytes) Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
TIER was founded in 1976 as the first private independent research institute in Taiwan. The purpose of the Institute is to actively engage in research on foreign and domestic macroeconomics and industrial economics.


tsr.jpg (9013 bytes) Taiwan Security Research
Taiwan Security Research is the website of the National Taiwan University Department of Political Science devoted to security issues of concern to Taiwan.


fot.jpg (4299 bytes) Friends of Taiwan
Friends of Taiwan was founded in 1997 to foster understanding between the American public and the people of Taiwan at the grassroots level, and to secure the moral and ethical support of the American people for a free and democratic Taiwan.


fapa.gif (5828 bytes) Formosan Association for Public Affairs
FAPA is a nonprofit educational organisation founded in 1982 to promote the rights and interests of native and overseas Taiwanese. FAPA is based in Washington.


ctir.gif (5120 bytes) Center for Taiwan International Relations
CTIR is a private, non-profit, non-partisan research organisation established in Washington in 1988.


ait.gif (3877 bytes) American Institute in Taiwan
AIT is the quasi-governmental representative office of the United States in Taiwan.


teco.gif (2498 bytes) Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York
TECO is the quasi-governmental representative office of Taiwan in the United States.


gio.gif (6906 bytes) Government Information Office, ROC
GIO is the official information agency of the Taiwan Government.


natpa.gif (36063 bytes) North American Taiwanese Professors Association
NATPA is an organisation of Taiwanese professors in North America.


liberty.jpg (3805 bytes) Liberty Times
Liberty Times is a leading Taiwanese newspaper.


taipeitimes.jpg (12381 bytes)

Taipei Times
Taipei Times is a leading English language Taiwan newspaper.



The 228 Massacre as documented in the US Media


Organisations listing TDP as a resource


Alliance for Preserving the Truth of the Sino-Japanese War

Arizona State University

Asia Pacific Center for Justice and Peace

Asia Pacific Management Forum
Asia Pacific Management Forum (Malaysia)

Asia Pacific Security
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia

Asian Institute at the University of Copenhagen
University of Copenhagen

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library
Australian National University

The Asia Society

Association of Asian Studies

Association of Chinese Communications Studies

Australian Defence Force Academy Library
Australian Defence Force Academy

Australian National University

Beijing University

Berkeley Students for a Sovereign Taiwan

BBC World Service - East Asia Today
British Broadcasting Corporation

California Institute of the Arts

Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg

La Bordillere

California State University, Sacramento History Department
California State University, Sacramento

Canadian Institute of International Affairs

China Reference Page

Council for a Livable World

Crystal Dragon of Taiwan

Development Resource Center
Development Resource Center (New Zealand)

Digital Librarian

The Dutch in Formosa
Discoverers Web

East and Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
University of Redlands

The Economist

Foreign Policy Association

Frontdoor Best History Sites

Gateway to Asian Studies
International Institute for Asian Studies (the Netherlands)

George Washington University Asian Studies Program
The Sigur Center for Asian Studies, George Washington University

Institute of International Economic Law
Georgetown University

Griffith Asia Pacific Council
Griffith University (Australia)

Harvard University

Heritage Foundation

History of the Dutch East Indies Company

History Guide
Lower Saxony State and University Library Göttingen (Germany)

HKUST Library
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Institute for Advanced Studies Library
Institute for Advanced Studies

Intercollegiate Taiwanese-American Students Association

International Affairs and Security Network (ISN)
Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research, ETH Zurich

Internet Guide for Chinese Studies (IGCS)
University of Heidelberg (Germany)

Internet Scout Project
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Keele Guide to Asian Government and Politics
Politics Department, University of Keele (United Kingdom)

Kentucky Political Science Association

University of Leeds Library
University of Leeds (United Kingdom)

Mölndahl Stadsbibliotek
Mölndahl State Library (Sweden)

Montclair State University, Department of International Relations
Montclair State University

Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law
Murdoch University (Australia)

The New York Times

Northeastern University School of Law
Northeastern University

Omaha Public Library

Organization of Chinese Americans Eastern Virginia Chapter

Political Resources on the Net
Agorà Telematica S.p.A. (Italy)

Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand

PSM Data Geschichte

Radio Nederland Wereklomroep

Research Links for Asian Studies
Prof. Ben Stavis, Director, Asian Studies Program, Temple University

Research Unit on Taiwanese Culture and Literature
Ruhr University Bochum (Germany)

The Burrow Library at Rhodes College
Rhodes College

Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG)
Economic and Social Research Council (United Kingdom)

China Foreign Policy Net
Stanford University

SUNY New Paltz Department of Geography
State University of New York - New Paltz

Swarthmore College Asian Studies Program
Swarthmore College

Taiwan Aboriginal Rights Organisation

Taiwan Communiqué

Taiwan Environmental Action Network

Taiwan Security Research
Taiwan National University, Department of Political Science

Taiwanese New York

UC Irvine Libraries
University of California, Irvine

UCLA Center for East Asian Studies
University of California, Los Angeles

University of Hong Kong

University of Melbourne Library - The Baillieu Library
University of Melbourne

University of Miami Libraries
University of Miami

University of Michigan Documents Center
University of Michigan

J. Murray Atkins Library
University of North Carolina - Charlotte

Jurist, the Legal Education Network
University of Pittsburgh School of Law

University of San Diego

University of Virginia

University of Washington

WWW Virtual Law Library
Indiana University School of Law

Victoria University of Wellington Library
Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)

Virginia Wesleyan College Library
Virginia Wesleyan College

World Bank Law Library
The World Bank

Graduate School of International Studies, Yonsei University
Yonsei University (Korea)

Taiwan Documents Project is also indexed by all the major search engines and directories.


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